Nathan & Lucille | Chilliwack Wedding Photography

I remember the day clearly. Our church always surprises everyone when engagement's happen (if the couple can keep it under wraps without spoiling the secret) by announcing the newly engaged couple from the pulpit. We all knew it was coming, we didn't know when.

Before the pastor was about to make the announcement Lucille came to my row shuffled in beside me and said "They are going to announce our engagement this morning, I wanted to tell you first, and we want you to be our photographer" I CLEARLY SAID YES!

I knew Lucille more then I knew her fiance Nathan. Lucille was a few grades below me in private school. After Graduation Lucille moved to the city and walked through a difficult season of her life, but God intervened. When she came back to City Life Church she proceeded to attend the Masters Commission, a discipleship program in our church. It was an amazing season of growth and healing for her, coincidentally also where she met NATHAN! Of course you can't date in MC so after they were done he asked her out... and the rest as they say is history.

The one thing that made my heart melt the most was that Emma (Lucille's baby girl she adopted to an amazing couple in our church ) was her flower girl. Cue "awwww's" and girly emotion. I really love how Lucille has had such an open adoption with Emma's parents, and they have such a great connection.

Now Lucille and Nathan are walking into a whole new season... A marriage with lots of smiles, laughter, and love. They are such a bright and joyful couple that has found eachother and become closer as a couple because they became closer to their saviour. Mr. and Mrs. Shankland are such a great example of a relationship wholly set on God.

All the best you two, and I was so incredibly blessed to be apart of your big day!


This is Shawn and Keri, Emma's mommy and daddy... Emma hamming it up of course and every one having a good laugh

I have never had such a vocal bridal party, both sides were singing at this moment!