Church in the Park | Chilliwack Event Photography

Every year my church (City Life Church) holds a free outdoor event for the city. Much like a Sunday service there is worship and testimonies, and a sermon... granted this event is a much more condensed version, but still just as effective. Featuring free lunch, games, treats, and much more.

We'd all been praying that the forecast was wrong and that the rain would hold off for our Central Park location. And for the most part it did, until mid worship, all of the sudden the parks waterworks fired up and drenched all the young adults sitting in the front row. Young men tried to stop the jets with their feet, but when the larger jets went off no one could stop them. Definitely making this years event one worth remembering


From live music, to bubbling laughter Im proud to be apart of such a fun loving, city centred church. If you're looking for a church I'd suggest coming to a service, go to and find out more about us and service times. We also have a stellar coffee shop open before services, supplying 'Seattle's Best' Coffee and great treats.


This is our senior pastor, Pastor Lorne Lueck... awesome man!

Kids and Candy, I was trying to capture her smile while she ate her smarties, turns out she wanted to wave at the camera instead... her mother smiled at me with a "kids will be kids" nod.

James Ponak is a talented musician. I was blessed when he asked me last year to photograph his in studio recording sessions. Such a anointed guitarist and passionate vocalist. Check his album out on iTunes at